What does the BilgeBug replace?

The BilgeBug will replace any other bilge pump switch on the market.

How easy is it to fit?

It is very easy to install. We supply a simple wiring diagram and easy to follow installation instructions. You can find a online copy here on our website

What size fuse do I need?

A 7.5Amp should be installed between the BilgeBug and the positive supply. The pump should be protected by a fuse recommended by the pump manufacturer. This is available as an accessory in our online store

How do check that my BilgeBug is working?

The best method for testing the operation of your BilgeBug is to take a wet/damp cloth and cover the two sensors, hold the cloth over them for at least 11 seconds and then look for illumination of the red LED. If the pump does not activate and the LED is not illuminated – the wiring should be checked.

What are the sensors made of? And how do I clean them?

The sensors are made of high quality A4 grade stainless steel, they do not need cleaning very often – however the occasional wipe over with a clean, wet cloth is recommended to remove any dirt and grime that may have built up over time.

What connectors do I use?

You should use water proof connectors. The BilgeBug does come with two meters of cable, so there should be no need for connectors within the Bilge, ideally you should aim to make all connections outside the Bilge.

Can the BilgeBug handle more than 16Amps?

Without implementing a relay into the electrical system it is not recommended that you run more than 7Amps continuously through the BilgeBug, with a relay the BilgeBug can be used to switch any size pump.

What orientation can I mount the BilgeBug?

Mounting the BilgeBug is easy, it can be mounted in any which way to get the best working depth within your bilge.


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