Bilge Bug Electronic Bilge Pump Switch – Installation Guide

Electronic Bilge Pump Switch Installation Guide

The Bilge Bug® Electronic Bilge Pump Switch will directly replace any existing 2 or 3 wire float switch or electronic switch.

  • Connect the red wire on the Bilge Bug® with a 7.5 Amp blade fuse to the positive (+) terminal from the battery.
  • Connect the brown wire on the Bilge Bug® to the positive (+) terminal on the pump.
  • Connect the black wire on the Bilge Bug® to the negative (-) terminal from the battery.

Ensure that all cables, connectors and switches are rated to the appropriate current and voltage being used and are fit for purpose.

We advise that all connections are kept clear of the water and that good quality connections and connectors are used.

The Bilge Bug® can be mounted at any angle using the mounting holes or a suitable adhesive. While mounting is not necessary for the effective running of the Bilge Bug® we recommend that that the Bilge Bug® is located and fixed using the mounting holes, in the lowest part of the bilge area for greatest efficiency. We do advise that the Bilge Bug® is mounted in high speed craft and craft used in heavy seas.


The Bilge Bug® can operate in any position; it does not have to be fixed down in a specific way as long as the sensors are immersed in water at the point you wish for the switch to be activated.

There is a built in delay of approximately 10 seconds before the Bilge Bug® activates, the LED illuminates and the switch activates the pump.

The pump will continue to operate for as long as the sensors are immersed, when the sensors are clear of water there is a delay of approximately 25 seconds before the LED goes out and the Bilge Bug® switches off the pump.


Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that the Bilge Bug® is as low maintenance as possible we do advise a regular visual check and that the Bilge Bug® is cleaned with a damp cloth in line with regular boat maintenance.


Operation can be checked by holding a wet cloth around the sensors of the Bilge Bug®.

If the LED does not illuminate and the pump is not activated check the wiring and power to the Bilge Bug®.

If the LED illuminates but the pump does not operate check the pump, the pump fuse and the pump circuit for faults.


Use automotive blade style fuses and holders for easy installation. Available from our online store.
For pump fuse rating check manufacturer’s instructions.
Do not use without a fuse as a pump stall condition will burn the pump out.